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Just a story..... about a month ago I had a routine mammogram done.  Then I got a letter a few days later saying that they wanted me to come back and have a "right breast special view" mammogram and ultrasound done.  So I did, then after they were done, while I was still there, they said I needed a needle biopsy done.  So I scheduled it.  I was going to go by myself but a woman from my church insisted on going with me.  Well, the day arrived.  Now, when they do needle biopsies, the doctor is usually guided by ultrasound.  However, he couldn't get a clear view so I had to have what they call a "mammtome" guided needle biopsy.  It was awful! >:(  I had to lay face down on this table that had a hole in it that my right boob went into.  Because the lump was almost under my arm, they attached a sling to the bottom of the table that I had to put my right arm through.  Then the doc numbed it and proceeded with the biopsy.  While he was  doing it, he nicked a blood vessel, so he had to insert a clip, which I guess stays in there forever.  Because he nicked a blood vessel, I bled for about 45 minutes after he was finished.  When I quit bleeding, I had to have ANOTHER mammogram done to make sure the clip was in place and o.k.  Anyway, the results were benign.  I now have a hideous bruise covering my right breast and a big, painful lump where the needle went in, which one of the nurses told me is from all the bleeding.  Has anyone else experienced anything like this?  Glad I got it done, I just don't see why it had to be so invasive.  Probably because I'm a woman and they think women are used to being tortured!  Medical science HAS to come up with something better than this for women!

I had to have a biopsy done on my right breast last yr. I didn't have to go thru all the trouble you did tho. the lump was under my right arm but all the dr. had to do was have me lay on my left side and hold my right arm over my head. he numbed it and stuck a very long needle in it. It didn't hurt much and everything came back as fine, i still have the lump and it hurts alot sometimes but i know it is not cancer and i get it check every yr. They did say if it gets to big or it starts to hurt too much that they can take it out but i don't want them cutting me and all the pain that i would have to go thru. I am a big baby and i hate pain.I am sorry you had to go thru all of that. I hope it will be the last time for you.



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