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Hi ladies,

My husband and I want to start a family.  I'm positive and he's negative.  Does anyone know of any OB/GYNs in the NYC area that specialize in dealing with HIV+ women?  Thanks.

I'm in FTL here, sorry :(

Have you asked your doctor for referrals or suggestions? Your ID may know a couple.

Good luck!


there is a new study out 200 sero different couples all wanted kids

all the poz partners had undetectable vl

they all had normal sex to create a child

all had one some two kids this way

none transfered virus to neg partner

the study suggested unprotected ok but best to limit to fertile period if trying to concieve

IzPoz: Yes, I spoke to my social worker at my doctor's office this week and she's on the case looking for me.  Last year I went to the suggested ob/gyn that specializes but I really didn't like her.  She was too rough and cold for my taste. 

bimazed: I saw that study and as soon as I saw it, I showed it to my husband.  I'm undetectable.  That was good news to know.

I know my meds are compatible (Kaletra/Truvada).  We'll see what happens and thank you for your responses.  Let's hope the baby dust floats this way.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.  :)


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