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Infection through abortion?


Anyone heard of anyone getting infected with HIV through unhygenic abortion?

you would have to define "unhygienic abortion"

are you RH- did you get rogamm? that is human plasma..

I mean illegal abortion or in my case legal abortion performed on too many women one after the other without proper sterilization of equipment.

I met a very famous doctor and also a friend who is a journalist in my country in the last days, both want to put me in touch with a lawyer to talk about trying to prove that I have been infected this way 10 years ago, but I am scared of getting dragged into something that I can't imagine, I told him I would think about it. When I google this I find nothing and also I asked an expert on "The Body" and he said he never heard of it. When I met 2 foriegn positive women in the Netherlands they told me that they know of it in countries where abortion is illegal and they knew of cases, and they said no one talks about it because the abortion is illegal or the women find out very late, like me. In my case the abortion was legal but the conditions illegal and caused by a strike in the public hospitals who sent all patients to the private clinics. I would like to know women's opinions on this. Any knowledge anecdotal or not would be appreciated.

No, never heard of actual cases.  I suppose it would be theoretically possible if they reused injection needles and other things between women (assuming this is what you mean).  I have my doubts about the possibility of success in this case, though.

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Not the needles... the gynecological equipment not properly cleaned and transferred from woman to woman in a short time span. They "did" about 15 women in 90 minutes


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