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Short-Cycle Therapy (5 days on/2 days off

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I will do as you said. If similar or improved levels I will continue normal,  if rapidly getting worse I will leave to my home country for a few weeks and getting appropriate treatment. I think I still have enough time hopefully.

Thanks Jim

TAF has never been shown to put pressure on Kidneys. I'm not sure how you leapt to the conclusion you have

My creatinine levels crept up slowly over a period of 5 years on TDF, the switch to TAF made no difference. The switch to Triumeq also did not bring them down too much. They peaked at 1.3 and after the switch to Triumeq for one year are stable at 1.24. My Dr is not bothered. I searched the internet and found many medical sites saying 1.3 for a man is within range and needs no special treatment. The hospital I use has a scale where 1.18 is the maximum. When the Dr checked my pre HIV history we found readings in the past of 1.2 and one of 1.3. No warnings to me. Back then the upper limit was 1.5. It looks as if the experts moved the goal posts sometime after 2012. My Dr is not concerned as long as I have no protein in the urine.

Not sure of your age but problems urinating can be a sign of prostate issues. This can lead to an increase in creatinine according to my Dr as the urine backs up if the bladder is not fully empty. My prostate is enlarged, I have issues urinating. Would be worth consulting a GP if you are getting older, over 50, they may possibly investigate the prostate.


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