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Hi, I'm just venting, letting out some steam or whatever folks want to call it. 
   I am tired, and I'm sure most of the rest of the world is as well.
   However, he goes.
   In my 70 + years of dealing with life and the world, I have, I think at least, some interesting experiences. 
  Some planed some just happened, came out of the blue as it were.
  Several friends have suggested I put my life's story to print, but Stephen King is already writing, most of his stories are fictional, my live is not.
  I have been around the block and the world, several times, in my mind and actually, physically.
  At my age, this ain't this ole man's first rodeo, before I even was 12, I realized why I felt differently toward many of my friends, discovered, realized, and accepted that I was gay, Yes, Virginia, I am gay. male friends, even some of their brother or in a few cases, even their father, but acted upon my feelings, physically, sexually, at that point, sex was not really anything I knew about nor interest in doing.   I accepted the fact and understood my feelings but did not act upon   them Kids my age knew nada) about sex, inly maybe playground gossip, )n them.
   n finally went to my mother and cautiously approached her, told her she had felt this or some time but was waiting for me to figure it out on my own. She gave me a huge tight hug, and then said, she, no, the entire family loved me for me, that was how I was created and, the family still loved me.  But that other folks may not. She then said that most people think are going ti think it is a choice, which is not, with hall the discrimination, bigotry and hatred why would anyone chose to be can. 
  No one can choose or what they love that is done by a much higher power than any on this planet.

Thank you for your words

No problem, as you can see,  the ole man is a talker.   Thanks for taking the time to read it.   

 I know I'm noy alone in this feeling, but as of late, I have grown very tired of loosing a loved one.
   I know it's part of life, but that doesn't make it any easier. (In spite of me not the one actually effected, my partner/husband was and we certainly dealt with life a tad differently than some others.  Most here on the forum, understand when I quote a dear, dear ole friend, who no longer is around 'herding these ducks' when I say "It's OK, I'm POS Too!."
 In spite of why we met, I cherish all the 'gatherings' we were part of, especially Montreal/Quebec.  Thanks again.  Stay safe and know we are al out here for you.


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