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Multiple Side-effects

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Small update :

I went to the hospital last Wednesday for a checkup and got the results back from the latest labworks.
Well with a VL count of 185.450 and a CD4 count of 385 (viral load doubled numbers again since September !) i really had no choice then to discuss taking meds again.
Did keep the pointers from you guys in my head so i told the doc that i don't want the same components again like i had from the last 5 tries !
She said ok then we try Dovato and see how you react.

Well took the first pill Thursday and since i'm only just started there is no telling how it will go but for now i feel fine without any major side-effects.
The only weird thing i feel at the moment is that my temple hurts on the left side of my face but nothing major.
I'm determined to sit this out hoping that it will go away and finally give me the matching pill that i needed to go on with for the rest of my life (bar any changes like say a cure  ;) )
Have to return for labs early January to see how Dovato is kicking HIV's ass but for now i'm hopeful and i haven't been for a long time.

Keep you guys posted and have a great weekend !

Wise decision to start treatment and Iím a big fan of Dovato. I hope it works for you too. The key here is really in just taking it, making it part of your daily routine and it will do the trick. Keep us informed with your follow-up lab results in January! Enjoy the upcoming holidays! Best Matt

Hi Matt,

thanks for your reply.
will do and keep you guys updated.

I wish you Happy Holidays in advance as well 👍

Small update :

I went to the doctor at the hospital today to find out how Dovato has been working in my body.
Well the positive news is that i went from 185.273 VL end of November to < 20 VL in 6 weeks so iím undetectable now.
No CD4 news since they didnít test that but that was 385 last time so i would assume that would get better now.
Also side effects wise iím experiencing small but usual suspects and i can live with that for now.
All in all iím happy with the results 😃

Next appointment end of May.

Jim Allen:
Hiya, great update.

Glad switching away from TAF/TDF has worked out well for you in terms of suppression and that it's manageable. Hopefully even the small things will continue to settle over the upcoming months.


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