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I have a few obstacles


Iím bipolar with addictions. I also get bored easily. When I get bored my mind goes to one of three things, food, alcohol or nooky. Sorry I donít mean to offend. But Iím in a nookiless marriage.
My spouse is fourteen years older than me. He has no nooky drive. Now Iím in a boring marriage. Great now Iím bored again.
I have had this problem with being unfocused for a long time.
Yet I have to be a wife, mother, and responsible. How do people deal with this?
Am I the only one? I think I need to mention this to my therapist.
My mental state is stable since I take medication. But I feel bored.

It's human to want pleasure, whether it's sex, alcohol or food. It's only a problem if it's excessive.. causing you health or mental issues you can't control. Are you sure you're addicted to all 3? I would definitely talk to the therapist about it if it makes you feel uncomfortable with yourself.

As for your sex issue, if hubby ain't taking care of your needs.. I don't think that's all on you Į\_(ツ)_/Į


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