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What's the best way to make HIV+ friends online?

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I don't know which area you are in, etc. so I will just share my experience in general.

I met people in my city in 2008-2012 through the personals of; some for dating, some for talking.
There was a time (2004-2005) when I made a few friends on these boards that I then met in Bangkok and Amsterdam.
I also found 2 support groups where most people became friends; one group I found through an announcement at a clinic.
Also on gay dating apps I sometimes reached out to poz people; met some interesting people socially.

If any of you need an online friend, I'm here for you.

Here in my country (I'm from Southern Europe) it is impossible to find another HIVpositive person, they're hiding. And all I got from HIVnegative people on apps like Grindr Tinder or Romeo was rejection and hate.


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