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David had been a nurse somewhere in the SF area back in the 80s and he spent many days and nights caring for people with AIDS, Then he moved to Miami, I think it was around 1995, he worked as a nurse here also, he joined the South eastern Great outdoors, that was the name of the group back then, it still is a Gay camping group, I think I met him at Bahia Island in the Florida Keys, or it was Cayo Costa on the west Florida coast, anyway,  that was his first camping trip with the group, and we hit it off and the friendship grew for many years. We loved kayak camping and exploring barrier Islands and clear hidden springs all over Florida.
He was a smart nurse, but the time had come for him to apply for his SSI, and he received it about a year ago.
Even though he was taking just half doses of his Combovir for 15 years, he seemed to pull it off until just recently he became resistant to it and had to try a new med, so he started on  Genova ?
Every November we became the same age and this month we are both 58, but he is still 4 months older than I. ha ha.
 I am devastated and my constant tears of grief to say my sweet David took his life at a campground in a cabin somewhere in Florida, near Ocala, perhaps it was Silver Springs, Im kind of out of the loop of getting more information about David I guess because camp group knows how sensitive and emotional I am and whatever, all I would like is to gather with a few friends at a small, quiet, nice warm campfire on a cool evening, with a candle and some good memory's with those friends, until then, am I to grieve alone ?  as it seems, for the loss of my best friend David on November 1st 2016
Thank you for letting me share this bit of news, perhaps it will help me, I shall rest now, bye.   

Floridartist:  I respectfully moved your topic to the "In Memoriam" section of the Forum in order that more people can express their condolences for your tragic loss.

I am so sorry that you have lost your dear and best friend, David, at such a young age.  Far too many HIV positive people suffer from known or unknown depression and tragically take matters into their own hands.  Too often, focus is on the medical manifestations of HIV infection, but the psychological implications often are unattended, especially for those like David who were heroes at the pandemic's start, caring for those who were often abandoned and ignored.

David was certainly an HIV warrior:  may he now rest in the peace that passes all understanding and may you, too, achieve peace of mind as you go through the grieving process.

My thoughts are with you during these dark days and may the entire forum family always remember his lifetime actions of love, kindness, and compassion.

You have my deepest condolences on the loss of your dear friend David.
It truly saddens me to have lost yet another long time warrior and I hope your grief will be replaced soon with warm and happy memories.    No one can take those from us.
I lived just minutes from Bahia Honda for 28 years and went there often, and I'm pretty sure I know someone in this group also.

Big Hugs, Wade

Thank you very much for your kind words,  I know I will never forget my friend and in time the pain will start to recede. Finally this morning a little more news trickled in as to which State park this all happened,  in which is a beautiful place he loved with a view of a lake and he knowing I don't travel so well anymore he respected me and is not too far away , so at least now I have a plan and a place to go in which I can bring a rose and a candle so I can say my good bye, that will be a good start to help the pain of my loss to recede, at least for now. Thank you Wade and the other moderator and anyone else for your compassion and kind words,
Sincerly, John

I am sorry for your loss.
David sounds like a remarkable person.


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