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Our wonderful David (Miss P) has left us.

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Joe K:
I just can't do this anymore... words simply fail me.


My spirit is crushed, I just talked to David last week. So glad I was able to spend time with him in Memphis.  He touched many and I just can't believe I won't ever talk to him again. RIP David. I love you.


I had opened a thread in the off-Topic a while ago, out of concern, but he had replied somehow...

He once had mentionned several cases of suicide in his support group. We have lots of similar issues here,too

Same as matty, i am overwhelmed


I never had the pleasure of meeting David,
but always felt I knew him.
I don't think he realized how much of the forums he was and how
many he touched. I have missed his posts the past few months, and
Winter wont be the same without Miss Ps weather reports ...

So sorry to hear this. I didn't know him at all just interacted with him here some he'd always have good advice. Condolences to those who knew him.


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