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Mosaico & Imbokodo HIV vaccine - HIV Vaccine Fails


Jim Allen:
Vaccine attempts aren't new; I think the first was in 1987, they nearly always claim to be unique and new, but they have never shown any real results.  Prehaps the funds should be pumped into free PrEP (A pill vaccine if you like) and free condoms and testing to help reduce HIV rates. writeup in full:

In Short:
--- Quote ---The Phase III Mosaico study (HVTN 706), which began in 2019, enrolled some 3,900 cisgender gay and bisexual men and transgender women in North and South America and Europe. A scheduled data review by the trialís independent data and safety monitoring board found that the number of people who acquired HIV was statistically equivalent in the vaccine and placebo groups.

The results are not unexpected, as a parallel trial called Imbokodo (HVTN 705) was halted in 2021 after interim results showed that a similar vaccine regimen did not adequately protect young women in Africa.
--- End quote ---


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