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Feeling a bit down & depressed...

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What do you do when you experience a few days feeling a bit down & depressed?

I'm really just venting anonymously here as I've no one else to vent to right now and need to get it off my chest please....

The last week or so has been quite hard & difficult for me, nothing major happened but lot's of niggly, annoying & stressful things happened. Last week a burst water pipe & expense of a plumber (wasn't in the budget lets say!), my very elderly parents sick & unwell (always anxious & worried too for when their times comes to pass away) & them nagging, shouting, complaining at me almost like a tag relay team 2 or 3 times a day for days, my spouse acting up & being very difficult & not nice, I've worries with one of my kids who is acting up, & a few work/job/business things not going so good which is worrying & stressful as I work for myself & need to earn & bit of financial pressure starting.

It all came together the last several days, non-stop, one after the other or even at the same time, day after day. I feel like I have been getting it in the back of the neck from all directions.

I'm sure things will settle down, and I'm sure something good will happen with work to get me through. I know things go in cycles, but sometimes it is just hard to see that, and that is how I feel right everything is falling apart around me & that's causing me to be depressed & down this evening, like an emotional hang over almost!

I did workout & exercise a little there but that didn't seem to help much. Not sure what to do?

Greetings friend. I'd say that your reaching out for support is a wonderful first step to mitigating your recent surge in stress levels. My advice would of course be to stay the course and hang in there, but perhaps instead I wonder if you have done something nice for yourself? Make a favorite meal or indulged in a guilty pleasure? I know for me, I only need to buy some Haagen-Daaz strawberry ice cream and read back through one of my favorite books... something I know by heart like Murder on the Orient Express, Something like Summer, or Collision Course (KA Mitchell)

I find the familiarity comforting and tends to ease my worries... at least temporarily. Sending virtual hugs and hoping this stressful period passes quickly.

Thank you very much for your reply & your kind words, I'm most grateful  :)

Yes indeed, it really help just venting it on this forum.

Indeed, I did do something nice after I posted yesterday evening. I figured I can either sit at home, meaninglessly surf the web & probably feel not much better or do something more proactive, so I went for a swim at the gym & a float in the pool. There is something about being in the water that really helps ones state.

I do feel a bit better now, or at least I've the clarity that tough times no not last forever & I feel more positive to get on with the tasks of my work to help my situation there.

I'll go for a brisk 30 minute walk at lunch time today too, & the physical movement will help the mental state.

Jim Allen:
Glad to hear that you are feeling a bit better.

Sorry to hear about the bust water pipe and the challenges with the family. It's important to take care of yourself and that includes time for yourself, the walks on the lunch break are a good start but prehaps consider making more time free for yourself on a regular basis to do things you like to do or helps you to recharge.

For me it's working on my photography, even if some weeks it's just few hours in the studio or if it's outdoors shooting it's something that is for me and keeps me sane and grounded to deal with life.

Jim Allen:
Any chance you could talk to your spouse about how their behavior is impacting you? Maybe they don't realize just how much it's affecting/hurting you.


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