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Neely diagnosed 12/13

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Thanks Jim,

Feeling good, gained a few pounds but I blame my diet for that. I havenít really had symptoms or side effects that Iím aware of . Guess Iím lucky so far.  Mentally getting thereÖ

Jim Allen:

Well, weight gain can be a combination of things, so HIV itself makes us fat, it seems unless you leave it too long, starting treatment as the body heals and also the meds can add some weight, not to mention as a side effect of not drying ageing at some stage. I mean, I look more and more like Homer Simpson every passing day, nothing to do with HIV or my meds ;D

Anyhow do keep an eye on it, if it's too much you gain then you might want to talk to the HIV specialist again.

--- Quote ---Mentally getting thereÖ

--- End quote ---

Good, and it can take time to get there, but it sounds like you are. Keep in mind your not alone so if you ever do need to chat, talk or vent you know were to find us.


--- Quote from: Aaron55 on February 15, 2023, 02:53:04 pm ---Guess Iím lucky so far.

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not taking away from what you're feeling but I wish more people at the beginning of their treatment were able to understand that not having side effects doesn't make you simply makes you average.

Don't believe me? check out any package insert on any medication. No medications go to mass market unless the amount of negative side effects is quite small. Nearly every medication it seems has anywhere from 2-10% of patients who report mild side effects (usually which dissipate in the first few months of treatment) and usually 1-5% report long term negative effects.

The actual statistical outcome of taking medications is to not have side effects. Even people right at death's door from AIDS have been known to recover with few side effects once on the right medications. That makes 93-98% of us "lucky". Those are great odds!

--- Quote from: Aaron55 on February 15, 2023, 02:53:04 pm ---Mentally getting thereÖ

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and this is why I wish more people understood how well treatment works. I think if they knew how HIV when properly treated with daily medications has become a manageable chronic disease they could move along faster after diagnosis and the start of treatment.

Starting treatment for HIV is a journey. Sometimes numbers don't go in a straight line even though they continue to improve, but it takes time. Sometimes there are a few side effects, but once again a little bit of time sorts that out too.

This is 2023 treatment and not 1995 early treatments. Back in those days, most everyone was dying and the side effects of those first meds were horrible - even if they did keep you alive. These days, there are several choices for first and second line treatment with meds that are more effective, forgiving for any mild non-adherence, and with fewer side effects.

--- Quote from: Jim Allen on February 15, 2023, 03:03:18 pm ---nothing to do with HIV or my meds ;D

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all them pints. LOL

--- Quote from: Aaron55 on February 15, 2023, 02:53:04 pm ---gained a few pounds but I blame my diet for that

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depression and stress (well even relief) can all lead to some over eating. If you're finding the weight a problem, exercise more. Your 70 year old self will thank you.

Jim Allen:

--- Quote ---all them pints. LOL
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