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Triumeq options


My husband is having trouble getting Triumeq at an affordable price.  Co-pay assitance card is maxed out.

Anyone have a suggestions on how to get some cheap either as tri therapy or stand alone DTG?

Have you tried through ViiVconnect?  If your household is below 500% of the poverty level which is about 91550/year for a household of 2 people, you can get it free all year after you pay the first $600. There is a form to complete which you can get online to submit to them for review. If your income is above that I don't know of anything else.
Good luck

You could look at companies like Mylan in India. I believe they make a generic version. Not sure of the cost myself or whether or not it is feasible to get mail order drugs delivered to where you live.

I take a two pill version of Triumeq, Dolutegravir and Kivexa. Both generic, but I can buy it direct from a hospital in the country I live in, probably not the same for you.


Does anyone know which countries we can go to in order to get generic DTG and Kivexa?

We are eligible for copay assistance but our copay is so high that the copay card gets used up almost immediately.


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