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High platelet count (thrombocytosis)


I was doing my labs and everything seems to be vl is undetectable cd4 is high normal (maybe I'm lucky) but my platelets is 453000(normal range 150000-450000) it's only slightly elevated but when i reviewed my labs it was always in 300s and it shows steady increase (all in normal range) and this is the first time to have a reading out of normal range
I'm still on truvada plus efavirenz but I'm concerned about this doctor advised me to repeat cbc in two weeks and asked me to do CRP,LDH,ESR and come back
Does anyone have any insight or experienced this?
Thank you

Repeating the labs is the way to go. There is never a 100% in medicine. However, is so you are as close as it gets to 100% that the repeat labs will be within the normal range again. Nothing to worry about. Best Matt


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