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Biktavry Resistance

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Hi.I am
From turkey. I've been on treatment for 1 year and I'm using biktarvy. I have something to wonder about.does anyone resistance to biktavry ? if biktarvy is resistant what drug can we use

Jim Allen:

Welcome to the forum. Understand you have been taking Biktarvy for a year. (Bictegravir/emtricitabine/tenofovir alafenamide)

Is the viral load suppressed, and how are you otherwise doing with this treatment?

Why the concern about resistance, and would that be regarding Bictegravir as part of the treatment? Anyhow plenty of other combinations, although it would depend on what the resistance profile looks like and other medical needs if any. 

yes viral load suppressed. i'm not good at english sorry.
viral load
26 august 471,000
11 october drug start
11 november 198
10 february 55
4 august 210
After the last test, the fear of resistance started, if such a situation happens, will things get very difficult for me?

Jim Allen:

Your English is fine, I barely manage English myself, and as for the results, they are good.  :) Within a month of starting treatment, the VL dropped 98%+

What has your doctor said about the more recent results and have they mentioned changing medication? Did they test for resistance?

You are within the first year of starting treatment, and, the recent 210 isn't concerning, although given you have never been below 50 and it's been just under a year prehaps, it's something to keep an eye on and consider other treatment options with your doctor.

However, resistance as such would not be something I would worry about with these results.

Jim Allen:
So forgetting lab results, how are you feeling/doing otherwise?


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