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HIV gene therapy - AGT103-T

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I do not know if this has already been posted ? but it is relatively new news from nov 6
I know cure hype  believe it when you see it  thought this info might be worth sharing


--- Quote ---AGT should hear from the FDA sometime before the end of the year. If its approved, they will have the green light to begin phase one of the clinical trial in January.
--- End quote ---

I guess this means that even if this is actually working (yet to be demonstrated) wed be years maybe decades away from real world application (at what cost is another big question), is that correct?

Jim Allen:

Someone mentioned it, it's just another nice idea like so many and throwing the word cure around for investment & buzz.

Anyhow it's going into a phase 1 study, I'll find you a better link thought later today then the one you have


more information on AGT  American Gene Tech

I participated in something similar a while back.  A company, Sangamo, was going to use ZFN (Zinc Finger Nuclease) to edit T-Cells. The idea was to collect your T-Cells through apheresis, modify them, and put them back.  The resistant cells would survive and be immune to HIV. 

I was eventually DQ'd from the study.  Didn't have enough HIV in my blood apparently.  So they couldn't tell if it was CCR5 or not.

From what I read, this is similar.  Take your cells out, modify them to produce an AB, and put them back.  Pretty cool. 

This process is a lot less scaleable then a pill / vaccine of course.  Apheresis takes about two hours and, while not unpleasant, wasn't particularly comfortable.  Still, if this thing shows promise, sign me up! 


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