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Interview the Person Below You (Part 2)

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Jim Allen:
Interview the Person Below You

I'm starting a new interview thread. Here is the first one:

Answer the question from the forum member above you and, ask a new question. Only 1 question per go and keep the questions "off-topic" with regards to HIV and no Yes/No answers allowed.



What did you get up to as a child during the summer that got you in trouble?

With regards to my dad, everything I did was bad, he thought I was the devil's spawn.

I set off one day for a self guided walk/ climb up kunanyi / Mount Wellington (Hobart, Tasmania)when I was 5 or 6.  Didn't tell my parents, totally unprepared, really just luck that I made it up and down in one piece.

Apparently the police had been called and neighbours searching etc etc but I had a grand adventure.

Q. What superpower do you have/ would like to have?

Now? I know its trivial but Id like to have the power to heal HIV...

Q: what is the most awkward situation you found yourself in?

Jim Allen:

Truthfully, not proud of it but years ago when I was still drinking like a fish, whilst traveling in Denmark I had an accident in the bed. Was drinking to excess, woke-up in the morning to the mess ... :-[  Was a bit like the transporting moment

Anyhow too embarrassed to tell the Hotel so I cleaned myself up, went out, bought some bleach & cleaning products, washed the bedding in the bath and, hung it up to dry.


What was one of your most defining moments in life?

When I lost 53 kg (I was 133 kg and went to 80) and gained back my confidence.
I was that fat kid all of my life,losing all that weight made me feel better,as well as boost my self esteem. Thankfully after 6 years I remain the same weight so that's good.

Q: What is your dream job/career?


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