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Maturation Inhibitor PA-457 will be used in combination with HAART this month

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In English!  ;D

PA-457 will be named Bevirimat.
First hand information from Panacos. Phase 2b:

Tenfold reduction in a matter of that is what I called efficacy.

Maybe these type of drugs (maturation inhibitors, integrase inhibitors...) are the piece of the puzzle we are missing in current HAART to clear the infection.
Remember this paragraf from a link I posted months ago?
"But Hamer also retains a guarded optimism shared by many reservoir researchers. "There's no evidence that HIV is genetically programmed to persist in the body," he says. Instead, he argues, the virus simply benefits from the limits of current therapy. "So eradication might actually turn out to be quite simple. Nobody knows. Adding one right drug to HAART may push the virus down to a level where it doesn't rebound. There's no evidence that's not the case."

I was thinking about that statement precisely when I read the news about Bevirimat (might as well use their name now!). I think it's entirely possible that one day we'll hear that a volunteer (s) has been totally cleared as a result of participating in one of these trials that use new, effective therapies that block 100% of replication. Anti-tat for example (here I go again, talking about tat!), holds a lot of potential because it seems to totally block active replication. In any case, Bevirimat, whether it does clear infection or not, will be a fantastic thing because it seems to overcome resistance issues. J.


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