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Bye Bye aidsmeds...the sequel.


I was in the midst of writing my farewell to aidmeds this afternoon...I hit enter and BOOM it was locked while I was writing.
My post lost.  Bummer.  What timing I have.  :-X

So....I'm so irked I'm not rewriting all the nice things I said about everybody, except one of my favorite moments on aidmeds was when Matty verbally kicked a WW named Boberati.  A few months later Boberati came back under another login and Jonathan signed him off with a:  all that and you came BACK with the link to the original thread.  That was so funny. True vindication.

On Friday, its one year since I joined the forum.  I was one of the lucky ones who stayed neg.  That was the also the first day I got a pm from Consumed  :-*. 

Just want to say thanks to aidmeds, and to the friends here now... ;)

(who thinks writing in the third person is the highest, and most frequent form of flattery/tribute to the etchings of MtD)

Matty the Damned:
You mean when I told him:

--- Quote --- Here's the thing Boberati. You go out and get sex from sex workers because it gives you a buzz. You're being a naughty boy. The pay off for this is the rush of guilt you get when you shut the front door after arriving home after a night of alley catting around the fleshpots of wherever it is that you exist. Gripped by remorse you rush here to AIDSMEDS and with busy fingers proceed to confess your legion sins to us here in the hope that you will be castigated for your sinfulness.

Which is cool, just keep it in one thread.

The issue here of course is that you've been busted and to make matters worse it was a woman who busted you. I note that none of the men who commented on your "experience" were the target of your displeasure. You targeted the woman who had the temerity to speak the truth. I note that you made references to the physical appearance of her avatar followed up with off hand comments about Julie Christie. Your poor opinion of women shows through.

And that's the rub. We're pretty good at seeing through all the bullshit that people come up with to excuse themselves and we've seen through you, champion.

--- End quote ---

I was so gentle back then.  ;D

(Who is delighted Sae moved with us to the new forums)


That was PRECISELY the type of post that:

1) Encouraged me to begin my first tentative posts in Fears; and

2) Made me fall in love with MtD forever.

It's so nice to see you over here S. When I read the title of this thread my heart sank for a minute.

(Who thinks SAE is about as special as someone can be)


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