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Hey, cowardly sons of fartknocks re: Zephyr Foundation

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So some folks seem to have trouble with Zephyr and the other LTNP folks who have given up HUGE chunks of their lives to fly to Maryland and offer their blood and time to research. This despite NOT HAVING A SYMPTOM or a single reason to do so, other than pure and unadulterated altruism.

Their bodies might indeed contain the cure for the selfish, mean-spirited, and cowardly fucks who have apparently let Zephyr know that her cause, a cause WELL WORTH paying for, is, well, not.

Of course, these cowardly bugfuckers will only reveal themselves via private messaging or email, because they KNOW they are full of SHIT and are well aware that were their identities common knowledge here, they would be served up for stew by more apt pupils than myself.

Seriously. You think finding a cure for AIDS is stupid, wrong, or not worth your money or time? Fine. be an ass. Be the stinkiest, nastiest, spongiest ass that ever trotted behind a wart-ridden syphilitic camel. But DON"T use that precious time you seem to have so much of to write Zephyr and her compatriots to tell them that.

If you can't help, then please just shut that hole you keep stuffing pie and penis into, and let those of us who WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE do so.

And next time you take your precious free drugs, remember that people like Zephyr helped to make those drugs a reality. Or don't. Frankly, there's a Darwinian edge to the pandemic that cannot be denied. While most of us are collateral damage, I submit that you, nasty mean people who are hurting my friend and her cause, are God's own target.

God, apparently not known for His aim.

(who does not believe in God, but it sounded great in his head)

*edited for typos and to put more cussing in. Don't fuck with Zephr.

Matty the Damned:
I defy one, just a single MOTHERFUCKING one, of these gutless spivs to show their pin heads in this place and I will summon a winter that will last 1000 years. None of these people are good enough to pick the corn out of Zephala or ChefPaul's shit and I welcome to the opportunity to engage them in battle.

(Who knows)

Shows you how fuckin' naive I am.  Hell, the world is full of mean people.  But I didn't think such ass-wipes would be here.

You tell 'em Jonathan.


(wow...I just love Jonathan's writing!)

Andy Velez:
Dear Jonathan and All,

First of all, I completely appreciate your feelings about Zephyr and what she and others are contributing to the general welfare through their generous efforts.

However, apart from that you aren't doing her any good service nor anyone else that I can see by launching a ballistic attack here in these pages. I haven't seen any entriies in the Forum which were attacking her. If she has been the object of such via PMs there are means of reporting that -- contacting the moderators, a tool which you and others have used before. 

And when you feel as passionate as you and others understandably do about this, then I am going to risk your ire by suggesting flame baiting threads are not the way to make your point. Frankly, what has sparked what you've written is not clear. The only thing that is clear is your rage and your upset.

I'm asking you and any others who are feeling similarly to take a step back and give some thought to this. I know that each of you who has written here is capable of being much articulate without spewing and namecalling.

If anyone had what they feel is a legitimate question in relation to Zephyr and others, I don't see how there could possibly be a dialogue in the current flame war atmosphere.

So what I am asking for here is some uhmm restraint. By doing that you can say everyting you need to as truthfully as you want to and better serve your points as well as Zephyr and others whom you care about.

Andy, I understand your point of view. But shadows and darkness give some people power that the cold, unflattering light of public "day" strips away. To think that people sneak behind this forum and launch attacks on others enrages me no end. And TO that end, I honestly believe that bringing it out in public is the best solution.

I'd rather see an open flame than a smoldering, destructive invisible burn.


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