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Looking for people with a similar story


Dear Reader,

Five years ago I met someone in the streets of Paris. Quick but deeply in love, I crossed countries to have a life together. Three years later we split and right after I discovered he lied about his status and that he contaminated me purposely with HIV. He accused me of contaminating him while he was diagnosed in 2001. I filed a lawsuit against him, and there is evidence to take him to court. It's a long process and I feel alone.

I'm looking for people with similar stories to have a chat with. Is there someone out there?

Jim Allen:

Welcome to the forum, I noticed you posted in the "I just tested positive" section; when were you diagnosed?

Sorry to hear about the diagnosis, and I hope you have access to and have started treatment. What are your labs CD4 & VL looking like, and how are you otherwise feeling?

Hi Jim thank you for your reaction.... yes I can see that I posted it here... ;)

Jim Allen:
So when were you diagnosed and what are your labs CD4 & VL looking like? 


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