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I Just Tested Poz / Re: A free year with lots of Red Crosses
« Último mensaje por Blue_Lace en Hoy a las 07:05:06 pm »
Some pills like some antibiotic don't mix with alcohol. Triumeq however is not an antibiotic, having a drink with Triumeq is not an issue.

Yea I know , u already told me :D
I was just saying..

Expose him, how & why?

I mean you are not a virgin I presume before meeting this guy. You choose to have sex and he now chooses not to talk to you anymore (I've done that plenty of times, HIV had nothing to do with it   ;D ) But unless I am missing something, nothing you mentioned so far would equal he infected you on purpose somehow or that he is even living with HIV. Its just that he does not care to talk to you.

Well I was talking to him about the virus.
I told him to get tested cuz he told me he hasn't done any testing soon.
He told me that he will not test himself, very rudely at that.
He was the last person I had sex with, I asked the previous one (and the others were with protection) and he didn't have anything so it must be him.
I've done my research.

Anyways I haven't had someone ignore me after having sex, he was the first one and he didn't even ignore me after having sex.He started ignoring me when I started talking about the virus (so I still havent been ignored after sex) +I talk to the people for a long time before we do something.
He probably got it from someone unknowingly but being rude to me was outright...there isn't a word like that in english but a close description is "impudent".

Bug chases & gift givers, unique small group of people with what i consider mental health issues. The thrill seem to be that the person bug chasing is willing to acquire HIV. This does not apply to the vast majority of people living with HIV or transmissions, nothing you mentioned about your past partners so far would indicate this.

Its sounds like consensual sex resulting in acquiring HIV. Nobody is at fault, nobody is to blame, that's just life.

That doesn't mean he (underline because I am only talking about one person) isn't one either.
I am not judging him to be one btw, I am just saying.
And I still think u are misunderstanding what is annoying me in all this.
I am not annoyed that he knowingly or unknowingly gave me the virus.I am annoyed that he isn't going to speak to me or is just plain rude.
Estoy infectado? / Re: Consulta ... dildo
« Último mensaje por Manu2379 en Hoy a las 06:44:55 pm »
Gracias Andy. Es de destacar lo amable que sos.

Am I Infected? / Re: Freaking out after casual sex
« Último mensaje por JimDublin en Hoy a las 05:35:16 pm »
No. You are overthinking this and dramatising

If this is the only sexual activities you ever engaged in, move on with your life.
The only thing from a HIV perspective was giving a BJ and for this we don't recommend specific testing, its just not warranted.

The virus is very fragile, and your mouth has dozens of protein and enzymes that damage the virus and render it unable to infect. So there is no need to run test every time you give a blow job, just get tested the next time you are due for a regular checkup

Also, I was thinking to wait more but now do you think an RNA HIV test is warranted and if negative a 3 months / 6 months screening should be done too?

No testing is warranted, RNA testing is never recommend even if you had a risk for inital screening and 6 months is about 25 years outdated.

It's a blowjob, sounds harsh but get over it already.

Living With HIV / Re: Peripheral Neuropathy Triggers?
« Último mensaje por JimDublin en Hoy a las 05:30:43 pm »
Locked. You should not be posting here.

Few post ago you had mild PN signs in your foot (whatever that means) and now you have PN ...I don't think so!

You can't self diagnosis PN or the underlying cause(s)of your PN if it is PN to start with.  Seek medical help, also you can't self diagnosis HIV, so test for that!

I do mean you well but see your doctor and start testing and treating any issues, instead of waiting for things to get worse.
Living With HIV / Re: Peripheral Neuropathy Triggers?
« Último mensaje por harleymc en Hoy a las 05:05:59 pm »
Am I Infected? / Re: Freaking out after casual sex
« Último mensaje por mkswtch en Hoy a las 04:53:57 pm »
Thanks, Jim. So I went to a doctor yesterday to check my throat since I'm having a lot of issues with reflux. So he detected acute pharyngitis due to severe reflux.

Now I'm even more worried about it because inflammation recruits white cells, making things easier for HIV, and I did get a bit of precum from his dick. Add the fact that he is uncircumcised plus this GERD diagnosis put me in a double/triple risk, correct?

Also, I was thinking to wait more but now do you think an RNA HIV test is warranted and if negative a 3 months / 6 months screening should be done too?
I Just Tested Poz / Re: For What It’s Worth...
« Último mensaje por TexasDragon en Hoy a las 04:39:19 pm »
FINALLY got everything settled with the insurance company and the Rx management company.

I think I had unreasonable expectations about the process. Referrals, requesting lab work and charts, authorizations - it all seems to take so much time!

I called every day - they say you have to be your own advocate. I’m not good at that and know I need to get better.

But FINALLY everything is done and they will overnight it tomorrow for delivery Friday. Probably not a bad idea to start on a weekend.

So for anyone else with a new Rx - have reasonable expectations, try not to get overwhelmed, and be your own best advocate.

Peace - know you all make a difference.
Living With HIV / Peripheral Neuropathy Triggers?
« Último mensaje por Waverunner en Hoy a las 04:30:07 pm »
I have PN and fortunately so far it is relatively mild.  I’ve learned that the symptoms can vary in their degree and even come and go.  However I have not found any scholarly articles explaining why.  I have read several posts of individuals here that have this condition and discovered that they also experience different degrees of their PN intensity which leads me to think there might “triggers” that cause the discrepancy.

So my question is to those with PN…. Have you identified any triggers that seem to affect your symptoms?
Estoy infectado? / Re: Consulta ... dildo
« Último mensaje por Andy Velez en Hoy a las 04:09:07 pm »
Cualquier los detalles masturbacion es sin riesgo por el VIH.
Estoy infectado? / Re: nedcan3 duda de riesgo
« Último mensaje por Andy Velez en Hoy a las 04:07:20 pm »
Tiene que probar primero a6 semanas y entonces a 12 semanas por un resultado conclusivo.  yo espero resultados buenos para tu.

No creo que tiene a tocar PEP pero es para tu a decider.  Si hacelo el probando es a 6 y 12 semanas despues de 28 dias del PEP.
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