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Nail Salon Must Pay $7,500 for Refusing Service to a Client With HIV


Jim Allen:

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--- Quote ---Nail Salon Must Pay $7,500 for Refusing Service to a Client With HIV

In a settlement with the U.S. government, the North Carolina salon must also train staff on HIV discrimination.

On May 24, 2019, the Complainant visited Diva Nails in order to receive a pedicure. He received a pedicure and proceeded to pay his bill. As he was paying his bill, another customer, who Complainant knew from church, loudly asked if the salon “knew about his condition.”

The owner of Diva Nails followed the Complainant outside, allegedly told him that the owner knew the Complainant had “AIDS,” and told the Complainant not to come back to the salon. Diva Nails denies that it refused the Complainant future services, but admits that its manager asked the Complainant whether he was HIV-positive, and requested a doctor’s note or other documentation regarding the condition.

According to the Complainant, he became embarrassed and anxious by what he believes was discriminatory treatment on the basis of his HIV status.

The Complainant lives near Diva Nails and does not drive, limiting his ability to obtain pedicure services elsewhere. He has not been back to Diva Nails since the events alleged.
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