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A series of HIV-related crimes in Mexico


Jim Allen:
Always sad to hear when people get hurt or worse.   :'( publication in full:

In short:

--- Quote ---A series of HIV-related crimes in Mexico—including the murder of a man in Cancun after he disclosed he had HIV—have HIV and LGBTQ advocates rallying for justice and calling for an overhaul of outdated HIV crime laws.

In the Cancun case from early June, a young gay man was allegedly tortured, burned and murdered after he revealed that he was living with HIV. A suspect has been apprehended, and activists want the person to be charged with a hate crime—not just homicide.
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--- Quote ---In a separate case in Mexico City, a man was arrested for nondisclosure allegedly after his girlfriend found his HIV meds. According to reports on the HIV Justice Network, that case has provoked activists and people living with HIV to speak out about HIV crime laws and to criticize the public prosecutor’s office in Mexico City for violating human rights. After a rally outside the prosecutor’s office, the office issued a statement saying it was reviewing any laws that might discriminate against a person based on HIV status.
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