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Hey guys
Itís my first post here, Iíve been worrying about something that Iíd like to clarify and I couldnít really find any info on this, hopefully this will be helpful.
Iíve been und since 2017 and my bf is neg. weíve been doing unprotected sex for a while but this week something happened that has been on my mind. When we were having anal sex, he had a minor cut on his foreskin and bled a lot, and I also happen to bleed a little from the anus due to is not having sex for a while. This means that my blood was in direct contact with his sore. Even though Iím undetectable for 4 years, should we be worried that he can get poz from this situation? Thanks In advance guys

Jim Allen:

Nothing to be worried about in regards to passing on HIV.

I've moved your post to this section as it's a prevention topic and this is the section for those type of questions

As your a new member though can you please open an introduction thread in the "living with HIV" section to introduce yourself to the forum members. Thanks.

Let us know in the introduction thread how are you are otherwise doing, how the treatment is going etc.  It's standard for new members.


Hi Jim,

Thank you for your reply!

Let me start off by saying how much this forum has helped me back in 2017 when I found out about my status, thank u guys. A lot of the information online is a bit incomplete at times and here we can get to know a lot more (also sorry about my English, itís my third language)

I understand and know that U=U is in regards to sexual transmission, however I wasnít sure about the blood. Because In this situation his open cut was in direct contact with a sore that was also bleeding in my anus. How is it not something to worry about if undetectable people can still pass on HIV by blood through needles, for example?

Jim Allen:
Injecting blood directly into the bloodstream through needles bypasses a number of barriers including the innate immune system. This isn't the situation with wounds, cuts etc.

Blood from or in contact with cuts, nicks and scrapes, ect can happen during sex, yet in 22 years of it being studies and recorded, no transmission of HIV with a suppressed viral load recorded. Besides, you are forgetting that minor cuts, wounds etc normally lack route.

Relax, put this thought behind you. As you are both sexually active remember to test at least yearly out of standard routine for STI's.

Best, Jim.


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