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Ive not slept with any sex workers before but my gf(s), i just recently discovered lesions (looks like leukoplakia) on my tongue and mild whitist on my tongue. Am i infected? I never had such thing before only when i took up hereditary medication for hair loss, (i misused the product as i do not suffer from genetically hair loss problem), could this caused lesions on my tongue? I googled and one of the website said the only cause for leukoplakia is only HIV virus, is this true? Im going to the dentist soon....

Andy Velez:

It's not clear what you're saying. Have you had unprotected intercourse with anyone? If so, then you need to get tested at 13 weeks after the most recent such incident.

As to your symptoms, which by the way only a doctor can diagnose accurately, nothing you are reporting is in anyway HIV specific. Neither the presence nor the absence of symptoms will ever tell you anything accurately about your HIV status. If you have had any risky incidents such as I have mentioned above then getting tested is the only way to know your accurate HIV status.

It's good that you're going for a checkup with your doctor. We certainly cannot diagnose your symptoms here.

Please clarify i there is something I am missing here.

thanks for the fast reply.

I like to know what caused leukoplakia or tongue lesions. Is HIV the only culprit?

Let's see, Kenji.

If Leukoplakia is a disease that was identified before the onset of the HIV crisis, then I would suppose that it can be caused by other issues, rather than just HIV.  It might be a common infection of someone with a damaged immune system, but please remember, HIV is a virus that causes one to loose their immune system.  It does NOT in itself cause anything else to happen to the body.  With a damaged immune system, from years of living with HIV, then diseases like this can occur, but the HIV did not cause it; only the damaged immune system was unable to get rid of it.

Like Andy, I would suggest that if you have had unprotected sex in the last 10 years with anyone, and you have not had a recent HIV Antibody Test, then I would highly recommend that you get tested for the antibody to HIV.

I hope this helps.

In Love.

Andy Velez:
You still haven't answered my question and instead seem focused on practicing self-diagnositics without a license.


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