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Dear all,

Hi, I would liko ask a question. But I can't find my old thread. Can I say it here? Or can somebody show me my old thread?

I used the same name and the topic was about used needle. :D

Thank You.

Andy Velez:
Go ahead and ask your question.


Your old thread is here.

You have been told repeatedly that you have reliably tested negative for your original concern of unprotected intercourse. You have also been repeatedly told that you absolutely will NOT become infected with hiv through having an hiv test done. Needles are NOT reused.

You are hiv negative and if you cannot accept that fact, please seek the assistance of a mental health care professional to help you get to the bottom of your anxieties.

You are hiv negative and there's nothing more we can do for you here.



I was the one who was affraid that a lab assistant used a used needle to withdaw my blood. You all told me it wouldn't happen and you are all right. Thank you.

I tested negative out to 14 weeks.

However, I have told somebody about this fear, and this particular person in not a good terms with me. He once told me that he wold harm me when I was not aware.

I attended a party 4 weeks ago and I was quite drunk. Later on I went home and slept.
The next morning I noticed blood spot in the inside of my jeans (the one i wore the night before). 4 of them (sure it was blood).

Considering my not happy friend knew about my fear in the past, i was worried he pricked me with HIV contaminated hollow bore needle when i was drunk and I didn't feel it.

I know you all said 13 weeks is conclusive, but does it apply to my situation?

Lots of site says 6 months for needleestick.

Thank You,

I urge you to seek professional help. You require assistance that this forum simply cannot provide.


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