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Same Paranoia Story



I have seen some other WWs having the same fear like me and read some of the posts in the archeives regarding this matter but I am still afraid. I went for a blood test last week and as u may have guessed I wasnt paying attention to the nurse. I am not sure about the syringe that she used. I dont know whether it was used or new.

Anyway, the bottom line is that I am convinced that she had used a used syringe on me by mistake and I cant shake that fear out of my head ever since.

Help PLEASE !!!

I am sorry that you feel that the clinic used a dirty needle.

 I have absolutely no idea what you expect from this forum, except to reaffirm that to date, there have been zero HIV infections through this fantastic transmission vector.

Your fears are irrational, and I believe that on some level you know this. I urge you to seek appropriate help from a source trained to deal with this.

Andy Velez:
Fortunately feelings however intense are not facts. Whether your mind chooses to believe it or not you have no sound basis for thinking a needle was used which could have exposed you to HIV transmission.

Before you go any further on this very slippery slope I join with Jonathan in suggesting you get some professional help with dealing with this concern. Life is way too short to be spent in pain over this kind of unnecessary concern.



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