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Dear All,
This is Lo Scopo, I am sorry I do not know how to remind you with my thread. I cant log on the old forum for one reason or another.

Actually, This time I have a question for the ones who are replying desperate ppl like me. I read about the member moltenstorm that he got infected in July/August, and he tested positive HIV in April (more than 6 months). In other words, this is a part of his signature:

--- Quote ---July/Aug 2005 - Infected
April 11, 2006 - Tested Positive
April 17, 2006 - WestBlot Confirmation: HIV+

--- End quote ---
My point of discussion is that How come to get a positive test after 8-9 months , not before as most members here tell that a 13 week test is reliable in most cases. Please do not misunderstand me, I just need someone to clarify ....I believe i misunderstood something.

best regards,

I think moltenstorm, should he choose to read this side of the forum, can answer that. Many members do not put their entire testing history on their bios. Moreover, not everyone gets tested every three months. It's entirely possible that moltenstorm was exposed in the months specified, but waited six months before confirmation.

I do not, however, endorse trolling profiles of HIV positive folks here looking for discrepencies, and absolutely do not suggest unsolicited PMs. The LIVING WITH sections of aidsmeds/poz are a support forum, and not a place to arbitrarily pick apart soemone's stated history.


Andy Velez:
Los, if you have some particular concern of your own to bring up in relation to a possible exposure, then do so.

Getting into this speculative situation is not a legitimate endeavor here, so drop it now.

As a courtesy I am for the moment not locking this thread or banning you, but you're on shaky ground. Stop with this particular matter right now.


In my own situation, I know, through hindsight, that I was infected in late April or May of 1997. However, I never had a test until February 2001 when I tested positive. This does not mean I had a longer window period, it only means I didn't test during my window period. Had I tested anytime from mid June 1997 onwards (which would have put me at approximately six weeks post infection), I am totally confident I would have received a positive result at that time.

Everyone had to re-register on this new forum software when we made the move. The old forums are available for reading only. Click here for your thread in the old forum.

As you were told in your previous thread, you were never at risk of hiv infection through mutual masturbation.


Dear All,
 Many thanks for your posts.

I believe you misunderstood me and my point of view.

I DO NOT doubt the replies gives by experts like Ann, andy and others to ppl. It just caught my attention that the guy Molten Storm has written so in his signature. I for got about the testing history and I forgot also about the risk he had....coz I didnt read about them at all.
My question in other words regardless what molten storm had written Is a 6 months test enough or it should be a 9 months test so that it would be enough period to test positive HIV, if there has been any.

Again I swear I never meant to attack, doubt, or unbelieve any one, I just need clear reply. Thats all....I am so sorry if I offended any one by my question.


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