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Well sure, of course I have. But firstly, to get hypervitaminosis one would need to ingest massive quantities of certain kinds of vitamins, mostly your fat-soluable vitamins because they build up stores. Water soluable vitamins like vitamin C will build up to a certain level and "spill over" in your urine. They also have a very short life in your body to begin with.

The same thing can happen if you drink too much water for that mater. Ever heard of water intoxication or water toxicity? It can cause serious electrolyte imbalances in your body causing CNS disturbances, brain damage or even death. Water...something we all need to live.

Vitamins are good :) They do need though be taken correctly and responsibly, like any other medication. Also what vitamin regimen might be good for one person isn't necessarily the same mix the next would benefit from.

is it an "accepted fact" that hiv infected persons lack certain vitamins/minerals in their body? or just a theory thing?


--- Quote from: okchan on May 07, 2014, 01:07:46 am ---is it an "accepted fact" that hiv infected persons lack certain vitamins/minerals in their body? or just a theory thing?

--- End quote ---
It is not an accepted fact and not even a theory.  Everyone with HIV is different and diets all over the world are different and who is to say who, where, is not getting enough nutrition from their diet?  How can there be a rule about this?

I would go as far to suggest that HIV+ people shouldn't take anything without their doctor's knowledge.  I understand all my lab results before entering his office.  If I recongize something a bit off kilter, he'll address it if it's a major concern.

I have great discussions with my doctor because I don't waste our time dealing with nonsense.  When he suggested I stop taking my multi-vitamin, I debated for a while then did so. 

I don't know what to make of some pozzies who have no difficulty taking daily supplements of every make and concoction daily without fail then suddenly are alarmed at the thought of taking a pill every day.  And this pill has been studied.  ;)

Getting ready to go finish my even supplement now.  :)  at least I recognize of the dangers of excessive wine.


During my course of treatment, I was tested thoroughly and treated for vitamin deficiencies by various specialists:

Nephrology:  Vitamin D
Neurology:  B-12; B-6
Infectious Disease:  Multivitamin

I was given specific instructions on how much of each vitamin to take and the physicians followed-up with testing. Supplementing vitamin deficiencies is not dangerous if you follow your plan of treatment and follow-up testing with your physician.

Having been physically affected by vitamin deficiencies, I can say that supplementation improved some physical symptoms and overall quality of life. 


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