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Cholesterin levels and lypodysraphy..... a connecetion?


Hi all,

I just read a study I got from my doc's office. It took two groups of hiv positive ha art patients with lypo. One group took a a substance which sinks the cholesterol level in the blood the othertook a  Placebo 3 months long.
At the end of the study there was a -0.09kg loss of fat in those who took the placebo. Those who took the cholesterol med had a mean of +1.03kg of fat. ( regained)

Source: Mallon et al.: 'Effect of Pravastatin on the body compostion and markers of cardiovascular disease in the HIV-infected men- a randomized, placebo-controlled study' AIDS 2006,20:1003-1010

S. Schwarze

This when true and accurate is the best hope of dealing with lypo which I have read of.

Has anybody heard anything about this?

TO sink my cholesterol as low as possible I will start watching my diet better and I bought Salmon Oil Tablets with OMEGA 3. This is suppose to work wonders if you have high cholesterol.

Any thoughts?

Hi ,
Supprising to hear this, I mean, its kind of good news, so if I'll watch my diet in order to reduce cholesterol , tryglicerids and ldl and on the other hand I will try to increase my hdl, is this mean I will see my lipo gettimg better ? Is this will effect only on the fat accumulation or on the areas where I loose weight as well ?

I hope it works for you but I don't think there is much of a connection. I had terrible lipo from reyataz and its supposed to be the easiest on lipids. My cholesterol was 170 at the time.
My cholesterol is now 170 and I am fighting the fat. I just can't eat carbs. The dreaded  hump is growing again and my neck is exploding. I hate this shit.


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