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Many question for a new member


 :'( Hi ,
Hi am 31 female from Israel , got infected about 11 years ago , started cocktail about 9 years ago with Crixivan and from theat point I started to suffer from Lipo, obviously today , 9 years later its a disaster, face, arms, legs , belly , bot , u name it. I am now on Viread+videx+kaletra, the Kaltra was switched from Stockrin since I am trying to get pregnant.
So , since my lipo is impossible , i want to "fix" here and there before getting pregnant and wanted your advice , about the face, i want to suction form other area and inject to my face- will it work?i also want to suction from upper arms and neck, back and waist, did any one of you did that ? What about uridine? although I am not taking it now, I took it 2-3 years ago for a long time and it made things worst, is there a chance taking it and am i allowed taking t while pregnant? how agout exericise, what kind? weight training? will it helps my legs look bigger? sorry for all my question but I really need some help here.


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