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Symtuza I ran out of it


My doctor took me off the three pills a day to Symtuza because its just one pill a day, but every month it takes my doctor longer and longer to contact the pharmacy, even though they're both in the same building in Hillcrest. It usually takes a week until this time, after a week of calling the pharmacy. . .first its ready to be picked up, then its not so it will be delivered the next day, and it isn't. A week and a half later I ran out of pills two days ago, its the weekend so they're closed, and I'm freaking out because if I do get them Monday it will means I've missed 4 days. I'm going to e-mail my doctor and hope he replies. Has anything like this happened to any of you? I'd appreciate any reply even if its to get my affairs in order.  Thank-you.

Hi, maybe a naive question: why arenít you on auto-refill? That way the pharmacy has your prescription on file and they either ship it or you pick up every month. Then you will avoid the problem you have now. In my situation itís a new prescription every 6 months, coincides with blood work. You should remind him or switch doctors asap, best Matt


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