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Hi guys! Life has been pretty great to say the least. Iíve been taking triumeq for years and I was doing well. I just switched over to Dovato maybe December late November 2021 because my doctor said it was a good option. My doctor noticed since 3/2019 my kidney function has been decreasing. Creatinine has been about 1.3 and my BUN/creatinine is between 6-8. Iím a 30 y/o black female and Iíve have HIV for about 8 years it just sucks to go through this when I thought everything was going so well. Has anyone else have experience or any advice in this department? Hope everybody is doing well and thriving!

Hello Newbie :)

I think your doctor is making a good call eliminating the Abacavir portion of your treatment.. less stress on your kidneys, as long as it keeps your viral load in check, it shouldn't be an issue.

I also have switched from Triumeq to Dovato about 3 months ago, and noticed a couple of improvements right away.. no nausea after taking the pill, and my urine doesn't smell as bad as it used to.

Now I used to have a problem with my kidney/creatine levels back when I was on Truvada and Tivicay as treatment. But it improved when I got on Triumeq. I hope to see more improvements now that I'm on Dovato.

What's important to know is that kidney functions can improve. I remember worrying about it a lot because I didn't know that.

Are you also drinking plenty of water? Lots of people forget that.

Here's a link with tips on how to take care of your kidneys.. can't say I always follow it but I try. Sometimes it's as simple as a couple of lifestyle changes. Hope your numbers improve on your next labs.

Hey Almost2late,

Thanks so much for the reply! I donít exercise, but I am not overweight. I weigh about 120. Iím going to start exercising! Itís just a huge shock to me because in 2014 my egfr was a 94 and since then it just started to decrease every time. I got diagnosed in March of 2014 so maybe itís related to the HIV or the medication. I hope and pray my numbers improve soon! Thanks for the kind words.

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