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Cabenuva now approved by FDA for dosing every other month!


The US FDA has approved Cabenuva for every other month dosing!

This means that people living with HIV in the US can now take only 6 doses of their regimen per year.

Hopefully, insurance companies will be more inclined to cover this medication because no insurance company on the NC ACA marketplace is currently covering Cabenuva.

That's great news to hear & gives a lot of extra hope for the future.

I suppose it will take a while for this to be approved in other countries, (Ireland where I am) and to make it on to the list of treatments offered. Wonder would this take a few more years to happen.

I like also how the article says " Vocabria and Edurant pills as a “bridging” strategy." if one cannot make an injection appointment.

This also gives hope that even longer acting drugs can be developed in the further future.

I do really like the idea of a couple of shots every 2 months, a side from the ease, there's certainly a psychological benefit.

Yes. That's how the studies of Cabenuva were ran. If you can't make an appointment 7 days +/- your target date, they'll ship tablets to you.

As far as other countries, the manufacturer has to apply for regulatory authority and it will likely take longer with all the Covid stuff going on.

I think it could be great for developing countries, but a challenge will be the refrigeration to store the medication.  Not even all medical facilities in the US have the storage capabilities.

Hey Folks,

Any body here started Cabenuva?


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