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I Just Tested Poz / Re: 5 months since diagnosis...
« Último mensaje por Allthefeelings en Hoy a las 02:00:34 am »
Hi Jim,

So I’m taking Biktarvy. The RBC’s were all in the high end of the range. He made me go for more blood today. Got that back and Haptoglobin looks super low <8. Waiting to hear back on his interpretations on that.
Living With HIV / Re: "HOPE DIES LAST"
« Último mensaje por Tonny2 en Ayer a las 10:35:05 pm »

           ojo.            Hi everyone!

Well, I finished my first box of
FORTEO, treatment for osteoporosis, 28 days of injecting myself every night, ough!! what a pain in the ass, when I’m ready to go to bed, after taking my 12 pills a day and applying my mud mask for my wrinkles, I remember rhat I haven’t poked myself so, here i go, downstairs to the fridge to get my “pencil” get the needdle on and clean the tummy, where I’m supposed to go n inject myself, then, put everything back in the fridge, well, it is what it is, hopefully my neighbor hasn’t seen me in the middle of the night, through the window, with my mud mask…I’m having some myscle and bones pain due to the side effects of the med but, I’ve been living with pain for so many years that, sime mire pain doesn’t bitter me…anyone know n here with same osteoporosis?… I will keep you posted hugs
I Just Tested Poz / Re: 5 months since diagnosis...
« Último mensaje por Tonny2 en Ayer a las 10:09:30 pm »

           ojo.            @allthefeelings…welcome to the forum…I’m sorry you are feeling hopeless, please read my thread, “hope dies last”…have you seen your doctor about the “high” results?, tho, not always having a high result is bad…I’m not a doctor but if I remember well, I was in the same situation a long time ago, jyst 20 cd. When I started treatment, HAART, high RBCs, the doctor expkanation was that my red bliid cell were developing immature to become regular bliid cells, either you had anemia when diagnosed or your immune ne system pretty bad. Doctor said that it was good that my RBCs were high because it meant that my bone marrow was starting to work normally again. What did your doctor said to you?.

Congratulations, your miracle treatment it’s doing its job, kicking hiv ass…I know how you are feeling, hopeless and tired, I felt that way 28 years ago when there was no HAART, the difference now is that there is not mire AIDS, due to precisely HAART, your VL IS DOWN TO 60 years n just five months and n treatment, is envy you, it took me that get an UD level 12 years and my cd4 were 56 when I was told by my doctor that there was no mire treatment for me due to a history of resistance, after I started a “salvage treatment, my cd4 jumoed to 361, it was when I became UD since my AIDS dx in November 1994…HOPE DIES LAST, trust me, this f$&@ virus, its complicacions, almist kill me three times, twice due to PCP and once hemolytic anemua, same problem with RBCs luke yours…well, wishing you the best, we lease keep us posted, you are nit alone, we are here for you.

There is still AIDS, some parts of the world don’t have access to HAARTs, in the rich countries aids gas becomes an acute hiv infection, you are almost above 200 cd4 levels and 14% level, consider a ver an aids illness. We are so lucky. Let’s think in thise whom don’t have HAARTs and are still dying from aids opportunistic people nfections
I Just Tested Poz / Re: 5 months since diagnosis...
« Último mensaje por leatherman en Ayer a las 08:24:13 pm »
I totally agree with Jim. In a few months the meds have knocked down the viral load to almost undetectable. For scientific research, a vl <=200 is considered "successful" for controlling/suppressing HIV. So at a VL of 60, you're doing really well, especially since keeping HIV controlled is what will allow your immune system to recover.

As far as your cd4, your count was really really low. While a few people may recover their CD4s quickly after HIV is suppressed, for most people who had a really low count it takes more time for their cd4s to recover above 200. If you had been diagnosed with 250+ cd4s, well they probably would have recovered faster; but your count was very low, so its' probably going to take a year or more to recover above 300.

Keep in mind that HIV treatment isn't like penicillin for an infection. Taking Penicillin for a week, often knocks out the infection and helps you completely recover. HIV meds stop HIV from replicating and destroying your immune system. Taking daily meds keeps stopping HIV from replicating and allows your immune system to slowly recover to whatever level you have based on the genetics you inherited from your parents. HIV treatment isn't a quick cure; but a long term strategy to block HIV and allow your body to be as healthy as it can be.

Instead of losing hope, you should be acknowledging how bad your situation was .... and how much it's already improved in less than a year. ;) Hang in there and don't give up hope. Trust me (someone who has lived with HIV for nearly 40 yrs), two years from now, all these worries you are having will be distant fears you don't  think about or hardly even remember. ;)
Questions About Treatment & Side Effects / Re: Biktavry Resistance
« Último mensaje por Jim Allen en Ayer a las 03:23:43 pm »

What makes more sense is if the result was a detectable viral load and hence the resistance testing. Otherwise, they would not be running a resistance test or have anything to run it with.

No need to panic, though; it seems like your new doctor is on top of this, and prehaps a tweek in your treatment will be the outcome, and that's fine.  ;)
Forums Gatherings / Re: Monthly virtual gathering.
« Último mensaje por Jim Allen en Ayer a las 03:20:09 pm »
So cute, I loved the FB pictures and can't wait to see more.
I Just Tested Poz / Re: 5 months since diagnosis...
« Último mensaje por Jim Allen en Ayer a las 03:17:07 pm »

The VL is suppressed, and CD4s are stable, whilst your other labs are stable, and you are not even a year into treatment.

Congrats, you have achieved in 5 months what took me over a decade to mess up or fix afterwards, depending on how you look at it.

I'm doing everything right, I think. I don't drink. I take my meds. I eat cleaner. I'm exercising. I take my vitamins.

Okay, you are way ahead and ill let you know when I reach this stage.

What HIV treatment are you taking?

Reticulocyte seems to be extremely high

Hmm... What do you consider high RBCs, and what did your doctor say?

I'm starting to lose hope for my future, and I very much so want my future.

Why? What are you scared about, what fears, and why do you think there is no hope? I don't mean to be blunt, I want to support you, but let's talk about it.
Forums Gatherings / Re: Monthly virtual gathering.
« Último mensaje por leatherman en Ayer a las 03:11:25 pm »
sounds good for me!

Guess what I'm going to talk about? Our newest family member
 the pupper Aberdeen  :-* :-* :-*
I Just Tested Poz / 5 months since diagnosis...
« Último mensaje por Allthefeelings en Ayer a las 02:20:56 pm »
So I was diagnosed in late April. My initial numbers were CD4 22/3% and VL98,000. Today I just found out my CD4 is 134/13% and my last VL is 60. Most of my other blood is looking good accept something called Reticulocyte seems to be extremely high. It's still really hard not to get discouraged when I get back labs. I'm doing everything right, I think. I don't drink. I take my meds. I eat cleaner. I'm exercising. I take my vitamins. I'm starting to lose hope for my future, and I very much so want my future.

Sorry to dump this here but I literally do not know where to dump this.
Questions About Treatment & Side Effects / Re: Biktavry Resistance
« Último mensaje por divao en Ayer a las 11:40:05 am »
i talked to my doctor today.rna 680.resistance test will be done.cd4 1660
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