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4 more days......


Well hello forum fam, I posted about a week n a half ago i believe......
I get my ELisa test results from test on the 8th of june this thursday the 22nd

Im pretty worried at this point. Although Iv'e discussed the issue with my partner and made sure she went n got tested Im still concerned.

Her testing discussion doesn't make sense, i almost slightly believe by the way she described things that she didnt.

she says, "well i went to the clinic, i was real scared when i went for the HIV test, but finally she said i had nothing to worry about they came out negative." Im thinking to myself... WTF? So then i said "you tested for HIV on the same day?" she says "yea it was one of those 20 minute tests" and im like "hmmm ok..." 
She then proceeded to tell me that now all she had to do was wait a week to get all her other results, which really got me scratching my head...

This time and everyother time iv'e gone for testing, they use 2 different cultures on my penis, for Gon, chlamydia etc... and they look under the microscope at it n can give me a fairly accurate result right there... but all the bloodwork is sent out n recieved in 2 weeks.

SO why is this person telling me that they told her, her HIV test was fine during that very visit n she had to wait for her less worriesome results to come in????

Either way she confirmed later on about last week or so that she was fine.....

My situation is that, I was HIV negative prior to this incident.... If i had contracted something from this person say such as HIV she would have had to be positive with it obviously prior to our engagement correct? I mean we aren't going to create a virus together.

So lets say the above is true she tested at about 8-9 weeks, me the week after orasure or not can i be pretty comfortable or sure knowing if she actually took the test that her negative results can be confided in as far as our exposure?

I go in this thursday n im completely worried, nervous, and paranoid.
I still get these random rashes on n off work.
When i rub or apply pressure to skin on my face or shoulders or anywhere really it tends to cause swelling in that area......

Im just buggin, I know people can get symptoms from anxiety and or stress but how serious can these symptoms really be?

Iv'e never had any signs of allergies my whole life how can 1 stressful situations of thinking i have HIV be causing numerous symptoms and situations? is all that common really?

I know all i can do is wait for thursday n iv'e been holding up pretty well but lets say for arguments sake i am positive, what are typical symptoms in detail, how long do they last n how often do they occur, I am looking for a more detailed if possible describtion than the lesson section. for example whats considered the trunk just your'e chest area? back chest stomach? or arms as well. Does the rash come in a variety of characteristics or does it tend to look the same........ etc....
do they come n go like in the time span of 10 to 15 minutes or do they last   on the body for days?



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