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i had unprotected vaginal sex whith girl.I do test before 11,19 and 41 days all test was negative.The name  test is HIV COMBI ROCHE.It is good test??i got problem with my had belly and i relly negative??today is 52 day before  please help me.thanks :(

sorry i think about after 11,19 and 41 day my englisch is not corecct sorry abou that

lukas, it's a good test, taken at the right time. Retest at 3 months past your last unprotected sex.


Your 41 day test is an excellent indication that your 12-13 week test (which you need to take) will also be negative. The window period for hiv testing is three months. (12-13 weeks)

Please read through the Welcome Thread for further information on hiv testing and hiv transmission.


Andy Velez:
A negative result at nearly 6 weeks is a very good sign that you will likely continue to test negative. The average time to seroconversion is 22 days and all but the smallest number that are going to seroconvert will do so within 4-6 weeks after an exposure to the virus.

So the odds are now in your favor to continue to test negative.

But you do need to learn from this experience and in the future when you have intercourse you need to be wearing a latex condom everytime. No exceptions. This is your life we're talking about.

Good luck on your 13 week test.



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