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Hello everyonee. I met with a girl and end up at my home. I masturbate her then i lick my fingers and keep masturbating ı could taste the vaginal fluid but didnt have any bleeding gums. I dont know ıf there was any scar in my mouth.after 18 days ı experience vomiting, sore throat, wet coughing and diarrhea. Second one was with another girl and we had long french kiss and i bite and lick her nipples for long time. The day after she had marks and blood vessel on her nipple. İts possible that some blood come to my mouth but i didnt taste any. From these 2 contact is there any possibility to exposure hiv? Any testing needed? Thank u for professional advices already

Jim Allen:
Banned, you know what you posted wasn't an HIV risk. 

Your only ongoing risks have been sex with your girlfriend. So ill remind you that if you engage in any condomless sex with your partner, you are at a greater risk of acquiring HIV. In relationships, condomless sex is often based on trust or past test results; however, this does not prevent HIV. Any condomless sex means accepting the greater risk of acquiring HIV, and you should consider testing more frequently.


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