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Hey guys, I am 90% sure I have been living with HIV since the age of 16, I am 37 right now.  I have never gotten a confirmation but lets just say I know.  I suspect many more in my community may have it as well.   At this point I am feeling a ton more fatigued.  My question is when you start treatment does the fatigue improve do you have more energy? I am very hesitant to start because I have many friends and clients who work in the medical field.  I know there are HIPPA laws but obviously its not a completley sealed system.  I would have to maybe go out of state for treatment. 

Jim Allen:

The only way to know your HIV status is by testing and the longer you leave a possible HIV infection untreated the increased risk of permanent damage and death.

If it was 21 years you should more than likely be dead already about a decade ago, but you could have acquired HIV at any time during the 21 years so don't wait and get tested.

Also, I doubt your friends in the medical field are looking up your details all the time, sure they have better things to do and even if they somehow found out I would hope they are professional enough to keep this to themselves and understand that there is no shame in having a manageable illness.

Here's what you need to know to avoid HIV infection:
Use condoms for anal or vaginal intercourse, correctly and consistently, every time, no exceptions. Consider starting PrEP going forward as an additional layer of protection against HIV

Keep in mind that some sexual practices which may be described as safe in terms of HIV transmission might still pose a risk for transmission of other easier to transmit STI's, so please do get fully tested regularly and at least yearly for STI's including but not limited to HIV and test more frequently if condomless intercourse occurs

Also, note that it is possible to have an STI and show no signs or symptoms and the only way of knowing is by testing.

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Thank you I know its hard to belive but this was 2002 I have not taken any medication as of yet. The thing is I have had many other side effects, acid reflux,  tons of inflammation.  I also think my potential partner has it and our child. I just dont know where to even start.  I know my exact point where I was infected and it was in high school.  I know for a fact that other person has it.  I am not sure how I got lucky and have not been treated but I feel my body is finally shutting down.

Jim Allen:
Look, you could have acquired HIV at any time during the 21 years. You simply don't know and the only way to confirm your current HIV status is by testing.

Get tested and if you are sexually active you should be testing out of routine at least yealry going forward.

Jim Allen:

--- Quote ---I also think my potential partner has it and our child.
--- End quote ---

Well presuming you are living in a western nation, your partner would have been offered an HIV test during pregnancy. So the risk to your child would be minimal to non-existent.

This does not mean however that you or your partner were not or are not currently living with HIV and if you have been having condomless intercourse it's an obvious risk to you.

So I'll mention the same thing I do whenever anyone mentions being in a sexual relationship. If you engage in condomless intercourse with your partner you are obviously at risk of acquiring HIV. Often within relationships, condomless sex is based on trust or past test results, however, this does not prevent HIV, and any condomless intercourse is accepting the greater risk of acquiring HIV.

Test more frequently for HIV & STI's if you do engage in any condomless intercourse.


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