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HIV from cat scratch?

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Jim Allen:
No HIV risk, no HIV testing needed over contact with the cat.

--- Quote ---Zero HIV risk.

The reason I said zero HIV risk is this lacks all the environmental and biological conditions required for you to aquire HIV, no "what if" about it.
--- End quote ---

Move on with your life and if you can't or you keep having these fears about HIV then consider talking to a therapist for support. 

Remember to use condoms for any intercourse and test out of routine at least yearly for STI's & HIV. 

Please note:

--- Quote ---Anyone who continues to post excessively, questioning a conclusive negative result or no-risk situation, will be subject to a four week Time Out (a temporary ban from the Forums). If you continue to post excessively after one Time Out, you may be given a second Time Out which will last eight weeks. There is no third Time Out - it is a permanent ban. The purpose of a Time Out is to encourage you to seek the face-to-face help we cannot provide on this forum.
--- End quote ---

I am really sorry if this is the wrong forum, but I am so anxious , I donít know what to do anymore. I got scratched by a cat that scratched another possible positive person 5 min before me and I took a hiv1 arn quant test at 16 days and the result is <30.It means that I have HIV? Because on internet, it says that if the result is <30, it means that HIV is detected, but under the detection limit. Please, I just want an answer. Thank you so much.

Jim Allen:
I merged your post with your thread and you are well aware that you should not have posted where you did.

To be crystal clear, you can't and did not acquire HIV from a cat, therefore there was no reason to test for HIV over being in contact with the cat.

Even if you had had a real risk I would not recommend the test you took for a number of reasons. Also, the result was negative for HIV 1 and this has been explained to you by your GP. (Yes, I have seen your other posts online)

I am not going to pretend what you posted here and elsewhere is an HIV risk as it would be a disservice to you and the HIV community. You don't need further HIV testing outside of standard yearly routine unless this cat story is just an attempt to cover for condomless sex or sharing drug rigs.

Out of kindness I am giving you a 28 day ban to encourage you to seek professional support such as a therapist to help you with these irrational fears.


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