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Feeling overwhelmed


Hi, everyone. I seem to be wrestling with a lot lately - little things can add up. Dry eyes, worsening neuropathy in my hands and brain fog. After 30 years poz, I guess this can happen. 

Are there a lot of us? Do others find this happening or is this maybe just a bad stretch? Over the years, I have faced reactions to the meds - diarrhea, fatigue, even lactic acidosis and toxic mega colon which meant a total colectomy and six years with an ileostomy bag.  Iíve always seemed to pull out of it and continue on. Now it seems to be catching up with me, though.

Iíd love to know if other long timers are struggling with similar things



        ojo.          Hi Scott, Iím sorry you are feeling this way, Iíve been living with hiv/aids for 34 years, although, for eight years I didnít know I was positive, until I was dying of pcp in 1994. Iím dealing with neuropathy, iím legally blind, my right eye is blind and i get so much pain, so bad that Iím thinking in getting it removed. Besides all my health issues, there are still other issues sin life that are more of a burden for me, but, Iíve always tried to be positive about life, I always think that somewhere there are people in worse situation than mine and most importantly, I said to myself that Iím still breathing and enjoying my family, friends and life, donít give up, itís ok to feel overwhelmed once in a while, but it could have been worse, not being around anymore...strength my friend...hugs

Thanks, Tonny. We all had friends from the early days who arenít here with us any more, thatís for sure. Who wouldíve thought weíd still be here 30 years later! I certainly never did.

Sometimes it just gets to be a lot. Thanks for the reminder to stay positive.


Understand.  Am over 35 years Positive and also shut the door in the face of the "Death Notice Server".  A few medical and mental challenges but still kicking.

It appears some of us have a very strong Survival Skill.

Best to All,



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