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Aging, HIV and, of all things, retirement?!?

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--- Quote from: aztecan on May 24, 2021, 10:52:47 pm ---
That said, I am still planning on retiring in July 2022. I chose that date because that is the month I will turn 65. I will be enrolling in Medicare, and then begin taking advantage of the state programs I have helped others use for years, including letting the state pay my premiums for a Medicare C plan.
I know my income will decrease, but, I think I will be able to adjust.
More than that, it is a time of my choosing that I have been able to plan for.



--- End quote ---

Good to hear from you Mark.  your plans, sounds like a winner. One of the reasons I was able to retire in 2013, was because I was fortunate enough to have the VA healthcare to take care of me. Thanks to our beloved Moffie ( Tim) for that conversation, which gave me the motivation I needed.  Without that, It could have easily been a different story. I just turned 62, when I left the workforce in December of 2013, and while at times I kind of wouldn't have minded to work a few more years, I have no regrets leaving when I did.

You never know,... when July of 2022, comes around, and depending on the current situation, you may just decide to try to push it up another year. It would mean an increase in your social security. Not sure how much that would be though, you would have to see the chart on how each year is calculated.

What I can tell you is this, retiring and getting out of the workforce, was a feeling that was so great for me. Felt as good as when I got the first Covid shot. It was such a great feeling of relief.

I decided on age 62, when I was 55, and I still remember that last year working, and knowing how great it was.  My supervisor at the time, thought I was just kidding around, But by the time the last 30 days were coming around, she knew I was dead serious !  8)  I even trained the person in the last month that ended up replacing me.!

Take care---Ray  8)


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