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         ojo.          Hello everyone...I hope everyone is doing ok...I hope Jim Allen doesnít scream at me if Iím posting on the wrong forum, sorry Jim, Iím blind, lol
Question, anyone has some experience with scuptra (I hope itís the right spelling), is there another treatment for the so called ďaids faceĒ?...I will appreciate your feedback...hugs.         

I believe you're referring to Sculptra. I had it done in 2004. I received a total of four Sculptra injections over a period of 10 months. For me, the improvement was minimal, and it didn't last long. The treatments were expensive (over $500 in 2005; they probably cost more now), and they weren't covered by insurance.

My Sculptra  experience was similar to Allan. Also had Radiesse. It promoted natural collagen face fill.

No injections covered by Insurance as considered "vanity care". Expensive as well. Luckily I worked out a payment plan with the Doctor.

Stopped injections over 10 years ago. Had them about 5 years earlier.

Ironically as I got older (now age 67) my face started to naturally add fat. Given my high cheek bone narrow face it looks very nice.

Not bad gone past 35 years Positive heading to 40 and soon will be past age 70.

Best to You,




         ojo.        Hi everyone and thanks for your replies...a friend of mine in Argentina has had this  problem for a long time and never heard about sculptors, I passed along your experiences with this med, he will talk to his doctor on his next visit. He has been living with hiv for 35 years, never in the hospital and the only problem he had is a little bit of Lopo in his face....I donít have that problem in my face only a small tummy, no fat in arms and legs...about this guy never admitted in the hospital, I envy him, I was admitted, back in the day, so many times that every year I will get a calendar with pictures of the most handsome doctors, lol

Thanks again my LTS friends, Iím part of this exclusive club...hugs.          ojo


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