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Sorry guys but I m missing something, if the 4th generation test is a combination of an antibody and a antigen test, if  it does not detect P24 antigens after say 4 weeks it should be able to detect antibodies at that time no?
In other terms is there a period after antigens disappear when the antibodies have not yet been produced?


Not necessarily, because as I have stated in this thread, p24 detection is not sensitive enough to exclude infection based solely on P24 detection and a very small minority of people may seroconvert (building antibodies to HIV) between  6 weeks and 3 months.

A retest after the windowperiod sill stays in place.

The same counts for all tests taken within the window period (be it PCR RNA / DNA or P24 or anything else).

Hope this helps

Allright, thanks a lot Darkfiber


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