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does this make sense? syringe?


So i was walking down the street with my friends, and this guy was bumping into people on purpose. I was like hey why did he bump into me? And my friends were like, maybe he stuck you with a syringe. And I was like WHAT? I didn't feel anything. It turns out they heard all those rumours about syringe attacks (that were false). Anyway, i didn't think anything of incident cause i never felt a syringe, but when I went home I did have a pinhole like break in the skin. No blood, nothing, and I always have little marks because I have eczema, but i can't help thinking....what if? What if he did stick me and I just didn't feel it?

I was wearing a light jacket....anyone have thoughts?

More than likely it didn't happen and if it did you wouldn't have said you didn't feel it and you don't have any concerns for contracting HIV.

The bore size required to get through a jacket would have left you with a bigger mark. Also, you pricked yourself ever with a pin? Remember that sharp pain? Well, you would have felt a lot worse. The world is not full of people trying to give you HIV, so stop being so paranoid.

Go read the lessons section on how you DO get HIV and be more aware!



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