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quick hiv ?


Ok to make it short, I had sex with a condom then the condom was removed and I thought that the boy pulled out in time. I went for std and hiv test at 5 weeks and everything came back normal. I went again for hiv test at 10 weeks and it came back normal. Everything seemed fine, all my anxiety induced symptoms were gone. Went to the gyn for a female problem found out I contracted "Trich". Got freaked out again cause he wanted to issue another hiv test. Went on the internet again and when I look up trcih I always see something about HIV, omg now Im worried again. I know Im suppose to wait 12 weeks but I thought I would be good at 10. Do you think I should fear that I do have the virus (HIV) because I have trich (that I had for 8 months now). Also after that last encounter, which was only once, I never had sex again.

Sorry if you answered something like this I couldn't find anything and it's my own personal problem, I can't got through that stress and anxiety again. Thank you


The vast majority of people who have actually been infected will seroconvert and test positive by SIX weeks. It's very unlikely that your ten week negative result would change. However, it would't hurt to confirm that negative result, for your peace of mind if nothing else. I wouldn't expect you to get anything other than another negative result.

The trich doesn't change anything. It really has nothing to do with hiv.


Ok thank you I read so many different things about the times to have a positive test, it is so good to actually tell someone my whole story and have them answer. Appreciate it    But it's so many little things that scare me like when they drawed the blood form my vein I got a bruise afterwards, and that's never happened before ( that I can remember) and I got scared because a symptom is bruising easily or  purple spots I also had one on my forearm a month and a half ago and I didnt remember hitting myself. This is what makes me crazy. Again thank you


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