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sex worker encounter (shaved)

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1 week ago I had an encounter with a sex worker from Kenya.

I received unprotected oral from her followed by protected vaginal intercourse, the later of which lasted not more than a minute. That morning I had shaved the base of my penis and scrotum and am now worried that this might have put me at greater risk. I realise that unprotected oral is considered low risk and so is protected vaginal intercourse but i am freaking out, especially after reading up on the high percentage of infection in the population of african nations.

i have never done anything like this before and am trying to figure out how to tell my wife when i see her again in a couple of weeks as she will expect us to make love and i don't want to risk passing anything on to her. i have basically decided that i will tell her, and beg forgiveness, and then will get all the tests i can think of done. Will a test after 3 weeks yield any reliable results? I know I will have to get retested at 13 weeks to be sure but i would like to get tested as soon as possible for obvious psycological reasons.

Any advice on how I can tell my wife would also be much appreciated.

If you had protected sex, you don't have a concern with contracting HIV. You won't get HIV from a blowjob. You can however get an STD. You won't have to wait to be tested for an STD. The window period does not apply in this case.

but doesn't the fact that i had shaved my pubic region prior to this put me at greater risk? what are the odds of contracting hiv in this manner?


The fact that you shaved makes no difference at all. Condoms do an excellent job of preventing the transmission of hiv. Getting a blowjob is not a risk for hiv infection no matter what sort of spin you want to put on it.

As Rodney pointed out, getting a blowjob is a potential risk for other sexually transmitted infections, but not hiv. For further information on other STIs, please check out the inSPOT website for more information - and see your doctor.


Thanks for information and the link.

I know it is irrational but I am still really worried about the chance of HIV.


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