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I need proffesional answers n help pleaese....

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yea thanx for the blue color. couldnt read it in black....... ;D

so besides saying the same thing 2wice, if this for example is not an std related issue, anyone know what this rash or these rash related symptoms are?

Dear Matty, thanks....I concur.  WHAT? wrote potential exposure.  That's like being half pregnant. 

Ok, so the person you had unprotected sex with has a negative it conclusively negative, as in no other exposures 12-13 weeks prior to it?  Do you trust this person enough? 

The rash, um...not to be rude but this is an HIV forum, not a rash forum.  Symptoms when it comes to HIV are meaningless.  No matter how many times you ask, that answer isn't going to change.

Get a test, go to your Dr for the rash.


Andy Velez:
OK. Your concern is understandable but you cannot get your symptoms diagnosed here and no responsible person is going to even guess at their origin. You need to discuss them with your doctor.

As far as HIV is concerned, if you had unprotected anal or vaginal sex then you need to get tested at 13 weeks after the most recent incident, which seems to be your plan.

Otherwise, neither the presence nor the absence of symptoms should ever be the means why which you diagnose your HIV status. Only an HIV test can give you that answer.

And for future reference, how about using a condom EVERYTIME you have intercourse. No exceptions. When you have unprotected intercourse you are putting your life at risk. It's as stark and as simple as that.

Good luck with your test result.


Thanx andy n sae, yes the test was conclusive, I do trust them n know there was no other exposures since them.

I do use condoms all the time but in the case the condom broke. I believe they can break even if used properly. but what is necesarilly proper use. Do u mean u must apply lubricants for better resistance against breakage?

because i actually meticulously take my time putting it on, making sure its the right side up n that it is rolled all the way down to the base. it broke on a few anal entry attempts........

Also neither I nor they have had any other exposures or possible exposures......
I mean of course i could be off since i don't hide in the persons pocket but in this case im just about 99.8% sure....


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